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Electronic cigarettes cost you less than smoking in many ways.


March 23rd 2020 Due to the SAFER at HOME recommendations from LA city. Vapeology LA is not doing business as usual.

Starting today we will be offering curbside service via phone-in ordering.
If you need supplies call 323-222-0744 and within the hour we will have your order at the curb.
if need be leave a message, be sure to leave your phone number so we can re connect with you.
Service Available between 10am til 6pm
For many reasons patrons will not be allowed in the store until further notice.

Together we can all get through this safely.

August 24th 2018 Vapeology LA now carries Nicotine salt e-liquid and devices


August 22nd 2018 The present study suggests that EC use may ameliorate objective and subjective COPD outcomes and that the benefits gained may persist long-term.

Electronic Cigarette use may reverse some of the harm resulting from tobacco smoking in COPD patients.

The source of this story was in New Zealand on August 23rd it was embargoed?

Embargoed is explained as a stated embargo period during which readers would need to pay for access.

the link is here

I will post the original pdf when the embargo is lifted


August 16th 2018 A STUDY by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has finally debunked claims vape contains toxic formaldehyde.

False headlines and rumours have been circulating since 2015 when a paper published in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) concluded vaping emitted the dangerous chemical.

The nation’s health protection agency has now concluded that e-cigarette vapour contains no more formaldehyde than the normal, everyday air found in the average American home.

In fact, many residences probably have much higher levels from regular textiles found around the home, such as carpets and curtains.

A number of renowned researchers including top doctor Dr Konstantnos Farsalinos have spent the past three years trying to reassure vapers by conducting similar experiments to the new CDC study, which came to the same reassuring conclusion.

The new paper titled 'Evaluation of Chemical Exposures at a Vape Shop' has now been published on the CDC website, which can be viewed by the public.


June. 30th 2018 Smoking related deaths reach 269,000 this year to date!

in the first 6 months of this year smoking related deaths are at 269,000 so far! According to an electronic billboard on the west side of Los Angeles California. In the mean time there is a non-stop campaign against electronic cigarettes. Last I heard there have been no deaths due to the inhalation of an electronic cigarette.
That number, if the trend line stays the same though out 2018, is up from previous years
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June 23. Public Health England

E-cigarettes around 95% less harmful than tobacco estimates landmark review


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Metro Los Angeles' oldest, established vape shop.

There seems to be a pod cast out there that has been heard to say, "The Art & Science of Vape" what is that anyway? It is this. E-cigs are simple devices that adhere to some complex principles of science; such as chemistry, electrical theory, physics and mechanics. All the people working with-in Vapeology L.A. have an understanding of of at least some of these sciences and we all continue to study and research the subjects.

We have always strived to de mystify the Art and Science of electronic cigarettes for our customers, by instructing and understanding a bit of chemistry and a bit of electronics.

Our goal is happy, healthier, informed customers. By providing a reduced risk reduced cost alternative to smoking.

Looking for a lowered risk healthier alternative to smoking?
Electronic cigarettes are a great lowered risk alternative nicotine delivery system, much better than smoking cigarettes.

Vapeology is fully stocked for your Electronic Cigarettes needs.
Starter kits to advanced devices, Large selection, best prices.
We have Innokin Mods and tanks, Aspire Mods and tanks, CCell distillate refillable cartridges, Ccell batteries, replacement atomizers, Batteries, e-juice and CBD eliquid at great prices. Specializing in Halo and Evo e-liquids.


We are just off the 110 pkwy.. in Highland Park CA. Just 5 minutes north of Downtown Los Angeles


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Vaporizers, Atomizers, Clearomizers and the latest E-cigarette Mods by innokin itaste, Aspire, eleaf, etc. 
Aspire; Breeze, NX75, Nautilus, EVO eleaf; Pico innokin; Kroma, coolfire series, pebble and enduras and replacement atomizers for all.

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