An expert independent evidence review published August 19th 2015 by Public Health England PHE concludes that e-cigarettes are significantly less harmful to health than tobacco and have the potential to help smokers quit smoking.

Key findings of the review include:

  • the current best estimate is that e-cigarettes are around 95% less harmful than smoking
  • nearly half the population (44.8%) don’t realise e-cigarettes are much less harmful than smoking
  • there is no evidence so far that e-cigarettes are acting as a route into smoking for children or non-smokers

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Time Magazine on August 20th 2015 followed up and added to the story with.

Vaping Is 95% Healthier and 40% Cheaper Than Smoking

This cost factor is based on consumers using cig-a-like. the savings are more substantial when using a refillable system.

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This place is great - very solid selection of hardware and nice juice varieties as well. Most importantly, as noted in other reviews, they are very knowledgeable and actually understand how these devices work. I'm not new to vaping so I've gone to a lot of shops and generally I hear a lot of misinformation related to performance and safety (or total disregard of safety), so it was refreshing to come here and actually be able to have an intelligent conversation. I must have spent an hour there trying stuff out and I walked away with a nice new setup. Thanks John! Look forward to coming back.
Marrisa D.

Great vape shop here!!
I have been coming to this store since their opening in 2012 and haven't stopped for good reason. After touring most if not all the los angeles vape stores I was disappointed and shocked at the mis-information being taught to customers purchasing a high powered electrical device which if used improperly may cause major injury or even death.These guys mean business they know their products front to back and can easily recommend a device that will give you the experience you prefer.
I stumbled upon this store in my own backyard of Highland Park right on Fig! John and Scott are very knowledgeable and friendly when we first met they asked about my vape experience so far and how my smoking habits were so they may be able to recommend the best devices for my needs and expectations. I bought some juice based on these guys recommendation and it became my EDV for about 1 1/2 years so they actually listen and recommend products that fit your tastes.
This store is what vape shops should be a welcoming enviroment and great service no matter what. Almost every other store you walk in and it feels like you walked into a private club of cloud chasers who look down on you for not using a mechanical or for only having "polite" sized clouds that dont fill a room in two hits. On top of that many stores I've visited don't teach battery safety at all and get paid to build coils which are usually unsafe to use unless you have experience with building. So dont go to those other shops that dont care and stick a potential pipe bomb in your face, go to Vapeology LA where they see people not clouds.
Jeremiah M.
Vapeology is by far the best vape shop I've ever visited. Both John and Scott, (British Accent), are friendly, knowledgeable and welcoming. If you have any questions about hardware or e-juice they will be sure to give you the most informed response in a kind and thorough manner. The prices are fair & they stand by their products. If you have any issues with something you've purchased from them they will work to repair if not straight out replace it for you. This I've experienced first hand. They'll never sell you a substandard product and they make sure that every juice they carry is produced in a safe and healthy environment. I'm sad that I've had to relocate across the country and am not able to just stop by to say hello and chat. Even still, while I may be across the country,  I continue to order my vape supplies from John and have no plans on switching shops.
Jordan G.
After visiting every e-cig and vape shop in the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles I found there are only three shops worth going to and Vapeology LA is one of them!
Patrick L.

Best Vape shop I've been to! Quality product, always very educational and help with troubleshooting. Very patient, instructing on types of juices and how to calibrate your vape....Love the selection of flavors. The Owner John makes you feel so comfortable...very knowledgeable and super mellow! No more cigarettes for me! :)
Rosita I

John is AMAZING. He truly cares about everyone that comes through the door of his shop. His prices can not be beat. This is the best place you can go if you are a vape fan. No frills no fuss. Just a great place to go with great service and products. If you are looking for some swanky place with attitude and someone who could care less about you this is NOT the place for you. I make a point to go by his shop and stock up before I go on a trip cause I wouldnt want to go anywhere else.
David S.
Being introduced to Vaping for the first time around and coming in here was the BEST possible experience. John, and Scott ask the right questions about how one smokes, and explains EVERYTHING. They will make sure that you know how your vap works, and make sure that you are comfortable with it. I always refer people to Vapeology. Patient, comfortable atmosphere, and it's nice that one can just chill there and talk with new people and/or the staff. DON'T HESITATE to come in, seriously. Awesome place, thank you John!!!!
Louis S.
I love this place. excellent customer service, great selection of juices and excellent advice for the beginners dont know where to start. they will only give you what you need and not try to sell you something that you'll never use. they've helped me repair a few of my items as well. you cant go wrong here. keep up the good work guys!
Gabe B.
I visited this establishment once and I had a great experience with the owner, John. This is not a fancy, nor hip store but the knowledgeable owner and quality products make up for any cosmetic shortfalls. I believe, John makes great pains to make sure that the e juice he sells are made in clean and quality lab conditions and will not sell you a product that was made in someones bathroom and dirty kitchen, I appreciate the due diligence on behalf of all of us vapers. As for hardware, I have no comment except that he told me that he spends countless hours trying to make sure that he is buying legit products which can be a tricky situation with all the counterfeit products coming from China. When I have the time I will come back again. Thanks.
David F.
Vapeology was the first place I went to for vaping needs. They were super helpful and explained a lot to me, that was back in January. Since then I've tried some other shops where I've had good and bad experiences but I always return to Vapeology. John is always happy to help and I've had awesome conversations with him. The other dude who's name I forget is awesome too. 

One thing I appreciate about the guys is that they don't try to up sell me, they give me the honest truth about equipment and juices. If I ask about something they explain the differences but rarely tell me that what I have isn't any good. I've had other shops tell me that the things I like and are working well aren't what I should use. 

At times it's a bit of a wait but I don't mind waiting a little while for full attention and great customer service. It seems the store is always improving, more and different equipment and new and interesting juice flavors.
Bill M.


AP Photo of John by Reed Saxon
used in many articles around the USA

Vapeology LA in the news

John Hartigan the owner of Vapeology LA in Highland Park California has been sought out for interviews and opinions regarding the health, polotics and safety of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Sytems below are links to some of the articles

Mashable March 7th 2014
Despite New Restrictions, E-Cigarette Shops See Growth Ahead

Real Clear Politics February 5th 2014
Democrats Call for Ban on E-Cigarettes on Capitol GroundsP_Articles on Twitter

Time Magazine December 16th 2013
Regulating E-Cigarettes Could Have Unintended Consequences

L.A. Times December 5th 2013
Overreacting to e-cigarettes


Vapeology carries only solderless clearomizers,
a recent study funded by CBS has shown that atomizers that are soldered give off particles of tin, copper and nickel in the vapor